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Creative Solutions for Business Development – Business Strategies & Pioneer Marketing Strategies for Businesses

✔Business Research & Market Analysis-Marketing Research & BI
✔Redesigning The Business Model
✔Business Strategies(Strategic Plan)
✔Marketing Strategies & Tactics
✔Action Plan

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►About me

I am logical,independent,systematic,creative,early starting,scheduled,goal-oriented,analyzer & flexible to travel & move.

Passionate about new Ideas & Business

I was involved in 15 business & startup – Internet Business (E-Commerce)

Eleven years brilliant experience of leading & managing different teams

I had 12 years experience in personal development as a manager(Self-Management & other EQ comps)

More than 1000 hrs of training people on variety of subjects(Sales & Marketing,MBTI,TA)

Member of Entrepreneurs Group of Education & Research

►►My Management Style

I believe in shared mission & vision,discipline,fast moving,hardworking & faith.

My management type is Participative Style(mostly) that is based on deep understanding of different personality types of personnel & each special personal functions,strengths & weaknesses.

Three of my favorite’s management styles are Management by Coaching & Development, Management by Walking Around & Management by Work Simplification.

I have some powerful tools to support me such as MBTI,MTR-i,Transactional Analysis,Cattell’s Personality Factors,Jungian Psychology,NLP & Top Communication Skills.

Most strategies I use,take advantage of intelligence,innovation & ingenuity.
Applying psychology beside other knowledge boosts the result quality of problem solving & decision-making.

 I help people start New Internet Business,bring their Dreams into Reality & Take Control of Their Life

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